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Feeling worn out and wait to recharge by spending time alone with God away from the normal demands of your life?  There are a number of retreat centers in or near the Twin Cities that are accepting retreatants, even during the pandemic.

Many local retreat centers are run by religious communities, so it can be refreshing to join in their prayer or meet with a spiritual director.

Ways to Go On Retreat

1. Many retreat centers offer programming, so you can join in a planned day or weekend retreat on a particular topic or theme that looks appealing.

2. You can join in a group retreat sponsored by your parish or another group.

3. You can go on a solo retreat.  Two nights is recommended.

4. Many retreat centers offer "guided retreats" where you are mostly on your own but meet throughout your retreat with a center staff member or spiritual director for input, discussion and/or spiritual direction.

4. You can gather some friends and create your own self-guided retreat.

Retreat Centers in or near the Twin Cities

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