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Pastoral Care for Catholics

We all need help sometimes.  Pastoral care ministers walk alongside Catholics in tough times and joyful times.  They support the corporal works of mercy on a parish level: visiting those who are sick or home-bound, connecting people with social and practical assistance, plan, support, and prepare families for funerals, weddings, and baptisms.

The First Port of Call: Your Catholic Parish

Many of the forms of pastoral care assistance are offered at the parish level.  For Twin Cities Catholics who are not already registered at a parish, check out the Archdiocesan map to find the parish in which you live or are receiving treatment if you are far from your home parish.

The parish is the best place to start, to:

  • Talk to the parish pastoral care director to discuss your situation

  • To request a Mass be said for your particular intention

  • Request Communion to be brought to you or a loved one by a priest, deacon, or lay eucharistic minister

  • To learn about any social, practical, or financial assistance ministries

  • To learn about any support groups that meet at the parish, such as for those facing unemployment, grief, or addiction

  • To schedule Sacraments in the parish church and learn about preparation requirements and programs, especially: Marriage, Baptism, and Funeral Masses

  • To request emergency clergy-specific help or Sacraments, such as Anointing of the Sick, Confession and/or Viaticum (Communion for the dying or those in danger of dying). Learn about this and other Clergy-specific help here

Friendship Ministries

Many parishes also offer ministries that pair people or families up for supportive friendships in times of transitions or crises, illnesses, loneliness, financial or job instability...really anytime you could just use a friend.  Some parishes train volunteers through Stephen Minstries or BeFriender Ministry and sometimes this pairing-up happens informally.  Ask your Parish's Pastoral Care Director about it.

Additional Links and Tips for Twin Cities Catholics

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