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20 Prompts
to Help Prepare for Your Next Spiritual Direction Session

Better preparation makes for a more fruitful session.

Take time before your next session to consider what God has been doing in your life and what you would like to bring to your spiritual director.

It's your time.

Don't Answer All These Questions.
Focus on two or three to pray and journal about.


  1. I’ve felt closest to God/furthest from God when ________.

  2. God has been prompting me to _________.

  3. I’ve been wrestling with this idea from Scripture/this image of God/this point of theology______.

  4. How does God relate to my  __________?

  5. I’m mad at God about ____________.

  6. God answered/didn’t answer my prayer about ________.

  7. I want to say sorry to God for _______.



  1. I’m feeling preoccupied about _________.

  2. I have been so joyful/discouraged about ___________.

  3. This spiritual practice helps/challenges me__________.

  4. A virtue I would like to work on is ________.

  5. A spiritual or personal goal I have is___________.

  6. I need to stop doing ___________.

  7. I’m grieving the loss of ________.



  1. I need God’s help/healing in this relationship ___________.

  2. I want to explore this way of helping others____________.

  3. I am over-committed to/wrongfully involved in___________.

  4. This person is driving me crazy ________.

  5. My work connects to God by __________.

  6.  I feel alone when __________.



What other resources do you think you may need and want to discuss with your director, whether a book, a spiritual practice, a retreat, a counselor, etc.?  A good spiritual director will not "prescribe" or tell you what to do, read, etc., but if asked can suggest things or offer referrals.

Ask yourself: Do I feel prompted to go to Confession before I go to spiritual direction?

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